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Getting Kids Excited About Music

STL Ocarina's music educators provide tips for getting kids interested in playing a musical instrument.

Demonstrating the Ocarina to Students

Laura, Juliet, or Angela demonstrate how to play the ocarina with schoolchildren.

Benefits of Music Education

Laura discusses how learning to play a musical instrument helps kids learn discipline, patience, problem-solving skills, confidence and responsibility.

How Easy to Learn is the Ocarina?

Angela, who holds a master's degree in vocal performance and a bachelor's degree in music education, shares her experience learning the ocarina.

Do-It-Yourself Music

The ocarina's affordability, portability and user-friendliness have made it a hit worldwide. Laura explains how the instrument's versatility makes it ideal for DIY music at home.

A Pocket-sized History

STL Ocarina's music educators discuss the ocarina's worldwide origins, from ancient China and India to the Mayan, Aztec and Inca cultures of Central and South America .

Picking the Right Instrument for Your Child

Laura, Juliet, or Angela discuss how parents can help their children choose a musical instrument.

Economical Music

Angela explains how the affordability, portability and user-friendliness of the ocarina have made it a hit.

Home School Music with the Ocarina

Angela discusses tips for teaching kids to play the ocarina as part of home schooling.

Powered by Nintendo

"The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" has done more than anything to give the ocarina the kind of mass appeal it has not enjoyed in America since the first half of the last century. Juliet explains how the game spurred worldwide interest in the instrument, created new markets for STL Ocarina and introduced the ocarina to many aspiring young musicians.

Giving Kids Music Education In a Tight Economy

Laura, Juliet, or Angela share why the ocarina is a perfect instrument for parents who might not be able to afford piano or violin lessons to introduce their children to music.

Academic Benefits of Music Education

Laura teaches children from age 3 up to play violin and ocarina. She discusses the relationship between musical education and increased student performance in math, computers and other areas.

"Zelda" Ocarinas

Worldwide interest in the popular video game "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" prompted STL Ocarina to produce several new models. STL Ocarina's music educators show how these instruments and accessories are designed to appeal to game fans.

​Saving Private Ocarina

During the first and second World Wars, servicemen often were issued a pocket-sized ocarina to boost moral. As a result, the ocarina gained popularity in America and Europe, but later fell into obscurity. Laura explains why.

Ocarina Tips and Lessons

Laura discusses the St. Louis School of Music's approach to teaching people to play the ocarina, including online classes.

​Ocarina Performance

Laura and her husband Dennis have produced two albums as founding members of the St. Louis Ocarina Trio. She can discuss the instrument's use by symphony orchestras and classical ensembles.

Musical Pottery Art

Laura tells about the "Teacarina," a combination tea cup/ocarina, and other innovative designs she and her husband Dennis have produced in collaboration with skillful ocarina makers around the world.

Ocarinas for Everyone

STL Ocarina produces a range of ocarinas, from colorful kids' models shaped like fish and whales to professional grade instruments made with rare "purple clay" from found only in the region of Yixing , China . Laura, Juliet, or Angela can discuss the wide range of musical capabilities of the ocarina and how to find the right one for you.

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A pocket-sized history

Laura discusses the ocarina's worldwide origins, from ancient China and India to the Mayan, Aztec and Inca cultures of Central andSouth America.
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